Mar 2024 One paper accepted to ICLR ‘24 (Vienna)!
Jan 2024 Excited to give an oral talk of a paper accepted to CPAL ‘24 (Hong Kong)!
Dec 2023 I received a master’s degree in applied mathematics and statistics from Johns Hopkins University! Delighted to move forward with roots in both mathematics and computer science.
Mar 2023 One paper accepted to ICCV ‘23 (Paris)!
May 2022 One paper accepted to ICML ‘22 (Baltimore) and one to CVPR ‘22 (New Orleans)!
Aug 2020 Invited to share stories about my undergraduate pathway at ShanghaiTech University.
May 2020 Excited to join Johns Hopkins University as a PhD student in the Vision, Dynamics and Learning Lab and the Mathematical Institute for Data Science in August 2020!
Mar 2020 CVPR ‘20 (Seattle): For the classic homography estimation problem with outliers, popular methods based on RANSAC or deep networks often have costly computation and little theoretical guarantee. By viewing it as robustly fitting a 1/3/6-dimensional nullspace on homographic/epipolar embeddings, we propose a non-convex non-smooth \(\ell^1\) optimization, give theoretical analysis on the nullspace and global optimality, and show state-of-the-art performance!
Mar 2019 One paper accepted to ICML ‘19 (Long Beach)!
Jun 2018 I received a bachelor’s degree in computer science with honor from ShanghaiTech University. Huge thanks to my family, friends, and mentors for their support!
Mar 2018 One paper accepted to CVPR ‘18 (Salt Lake City)!
Sep 2017 Excited to join Professor Manolis C. Tsakiris’s lab!